The Art Of Letting Go

 The art of letting go is key to taking the next level in success, self love and respect. Easier said than done right? duhh?!

After raising the bar over the past year, I've noticed a massive change in the dynamic of my relationships; new and existent. At first, I respected and remained close to various connections in my life, but found myself feeling abused. I was abusing myself. I started feeling guilty about receiving the success I had worked so hard to achieve. I gave my power away and felt afraid to own my success. And people grow comfortable around company like that - believe me. They can be anyone you know ; friends, lovers, work colleagues and even those you hold in the highest esteem. Rising up isn't always popular when you've appeared less to certain people. Still, at the end of the day. We only ever have our selves to blame for how we react.

Being assertive was something I had learned, but let go of time and time again; for the feeling of guilt. I've always felt obliged to incorporate my social life with my creative work. It's almost impossible to avoid in the creative world anyway and isn't necessarily a bad thing.. I'd always remain loyal and work harder than who I was working for or with and receive nothing for it. My idea of networking and healthy connections was warped. And even though I've made amazing connections through my work, I learned that friends are friends. Work is Work. Either way, don't sacrifice your needs for the well being of others.. otherwise what have you got left to give? It's taken me a while to grasp this as much as I hate to admit it. And I've let it stop me from living my dreams until now.

But I've found one thing to be true. I respect and love my friends and my seniors in the world of creativity. However only the genuine ones will treat you with the respect and truly protect your artist. These people are god dam angels and successful in life. They will treat you amazingly because they are not afraid of you - what you believe or what you put into action. I call them fallen angels, you can call em what you like.

I just read a few articles about friends or people in your life who hate you for becoming successful and aspiring for more. They envy your desire, your dedication, your discipline, your determination. Because they don't have that confidence or faith. You want more out of life. It takes many of us years to reach that level of self love and put it into action. We have to protect ourselves and be mindful of who we associate with.

For me personally, letting go of contradicting actions, people and situations to what I want to achieve has become more of a habit. I have done this in the past, and ended up feeling guilty, but that only led to self abuse in the end. We must learn to nourish ourselves first. And a lot of friends are not going to like it, because you can't keep living life on the same mundane level. Or maybe you don't have as much time for them, in order to create your dream, or maybe its a particular group you associate with? Remember we are still animals and we like "Hierarchy" in our clans. Where do you fit? Are you serving someone else or serving yourself? And keep in mind we become like the people we hang out with. Successful people, know this better than anyone. I've had to let go of a lot of friends, colleagues and wannabes.

"I've gone through a lot of different friends, I don't know what is wrong with me" said the 23 year old me to the councilor. "You are just growing up. It is a normal part of life" I'm 30 now and I still feel that way to some degree.

I've let go of a lot of connections that sabotaged my goals. I've found a lot of people would never raise the bar as high as I do, and a lot of people wanna lower it so they can feel at ease with their own expectations.  I've taken it by feeling guilty and frustrated that others wouldn't applaud it. What is wrong with wanting to achieve great things with your life?? Tell me!? Look at all the wonder we have created as humans. It can be a challenge creating all that momentum by yourself as a creative. And to find the mentors who are going to connect and want you to succeed. Cherish these connections! I've really learned to. And damn am I thankful.

I also read, that it can be lonely achieving wonderful things, and that it's natural others will resent you. Why won't they feel the inspiration !? Let's feel the inspiration. Live you dreams. Live your reality!

The art of letting Go - is letting go of anyone who is holding you back from your power. we can't erase these people but we don't have to lower our frequency to their level to please their insecurities. Just keep on loving yourself and choosing yourself no matter how selfish it seems. It's your life and we don't know what we have after that. Enjoy and wield the sword!

Let go of people. Let go of objects. Let go of the past. Let go of anything holding you back and you'll find a blank canvas and a fresh beginning!

Best Wishes

angie spice xox


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